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Third action plan 2016 – 2018

During 2016 the Ministry of General Secretariat of Presidency collaborated with civil society organizations of the Permanent OGP Working Group in developing a participative process for creating Chile’s third National Action Plan.

The Ministry carried out a processs for collecting proposals among other ministries and public bodies. The CSOs, in parallel, carried out an online voting process with other interested organizations for defining priorities for the NAP.

Between June and July, the Government and the CSOs convened thematic working groups for discussing the proposals in a series of sessions, with the participation of representatives of interested public bodies and organizations.

In August, a draft Action Plan was published online for open consultation, and was discussed in additional meetings  with the CSOs.
The final version of the Action Plan was presented in October 2016 and includes 19 commitments, engaging a much larger quantity and variety of actors and themes than the previous action plans.

Download document here

Download executive summary here


Mesa Fecha de la sesión
Mesa 1: Neo-extractivismo, recursos naturales y medio ambiente 17 de junio

1 de julio

Mesa 2: Políticas de protección social y políticas educacionales 17 de junio

1 de julio

Mesa 3: Modernización del Estado 16 de junio

30 de junio

Mesa 4: Transparencia e integridad en la función pública

16 de junio

30 de junio